Diana Adhiambo.

After passing my KCPE examination in Toy Primary School, I got an admission letter to Nembu Girls. My parents could not afford to take me there and I knew that it was the end of my education. I then applied for and was selected for a scholarship in Kianda School. When I joined Kianda I was very impressed by the way people were so gentle and they spoke English, which I was not used to. In Toy Primary we spoke Sheng since most of us were from Kibera. At the beginning I was very quiet and reserved, pitying my background, but after performing well in Form One and with the help of the tutorial sessions, I was able to overcome all those challenges and get focused. Being in Kianda was a great opportunity as it has made me get clarity of vision, appreciate hard work and dream big.

Before Kianda I did not have a vision. Being the fourth born in our home with the older ones not having gone far with their education, and the environment of Kibera, I did not have anyone to emulate. Further, I appreciate the values instilled in me at Kianda. They have become my stepping stones in all I do. I joined the school choir and singing helped me build confidence. I am currently in Strathmore University under a scholarship programme studying a degree in Hospitality Management. Being in a day school has impacted my age mates and neighbours as they have seen my transformation over the last 5 years. Ihave been able to pass on what I have learnt to others in my community. Peperuka scholars graduates, thank you to the donors.


Salome Odero

After Class 8 I got an admission letter to join State House girls. My parents could not have afforded State House Girls so they quickly got me a cheaper school in the village. In the meantime, my application for a Scholarship at Kianda School came through and I was so excited. I must say this: Kianda School takes the time to get to know you as a person and bring out the best in you despite your circumstances. When I joined Form One it was not easyfor me to talk to people; first because I was not confident and second, because everyone spoke English and I was not used to this. to persevere in my studies despite the challenges. If I had not passed my KCSE well enough to make it tothe regular programme, I would not have gone to university education (art) in English literature.

I am currently a 2nd year student at Masinde Muliro University studying a Bachelor of Through the Tutorial system, I was taught how to interact with other girls and to speak confidently in public. Kianda also helped me build my singing talent. I will never forget my first public solo performance! Kianda taught me how to work hard and how

Faith Kipsang

I would like to thank Kianda School with all my heart for the impact you have made in my life and the lives of all the other girls who have passed through the Peperuka Scholarship Scheme. Today, I am who I am because Kianda took time to mould me through its quality education and also through the well-designed formation program. I will forever be indebted to Kianda School. My gratitude is extended to all my teachers who taught us selflessly,wholeheartedly and my Tutor, who spent many hours helping me to gel into the new school culture and high standards. I am currently pursuing CPA in Strathmore University under a Scholarship programme after which I will pursue a Bachelor of Commerce (Exempt) option in the regular program.

I would not be where I am if it were not for the seed patiently sown in me, which is already bearing fruit. Thank you for your love, support and dedication.


Freshiah Kariuki

This made me realise that everyone has something to give and that despite my family’s financial situation, I could still help others. I am currently at the University of Nairobi studying a Bachelors in Commerce.

After passing KCPE, I got an admission letter to Parklands Girls but my disappointment came when it became clear that my parents could not afford to take me there. Kianda’s Peperuka scholarship came just in time. The friendly atmosphere in Kianda helped me to blend in well. Apart from academics I was able to acquire soft skills and my personality blossomed under the guidance of the teachers and my Tutor. Then, I didn’t think I stood out, but now, at the University, I realise that I learnt so much and I really appreciate what Kianda gave me. The culture of Kianda School is so unique and it makes you outstanding in the ordinary things you have to do every day. While in Kianda I learnt to give my time to others through the Social Work programs organised during the holidays.



Cecilia Odanga

After Class 8, I got an admission letter to Aga Khan High School. My parents could not have afforded it but the Peperuka scholarship at Kianda School saved the day. In my first year at Kianda, I was scared and a little intimidated, but with time and after attending the talks of formation and tutorials, I was able to get out of myself and focus better on my studies. The unique feature I found in Kianda is the way the system seeks to develop the students in an all-round way.

It’s not all just about books! The student-teacher relationship and the school environment were very welcoming. Kianda helped me grow inall ways, but most impacting in my life is the idea that work is a form of worship, which I have carried with me. The Public Speaking Club and Leadership courses helped me overcome my shyness. Due to all these aspects, I have been able to integrate well at the university. I am in University of Nairobi as a regular student, studying a Bachelors in Biology and under Scholarship programme in Strathmore University studying CPA, in the evening classes. Kianda gave my dreams shape and names.

Joan Kusienya

I went to Gatina Primary School in Kangemi. My parents would not have managed to take me through High school comfortably without me being in and out of the school. So, I was so happy when I qualified to be a Peperuka scholar. When I joined Kianda School, I noted that everybody is treated equally and this made me feel very comfortable. During my time in Kianda, I would go to Gatina Primary School during the holidays to give inspirational talks to the upper classes and to encourage the students to work hard and to have dreams for a better future.

I would also give them talks on virtues, which we were given in Kianda. These virtues have been a great help in my campus life. I learnt spirit of service in Kianda and I always feel willing to help others where I can, because I have also received help as a scholarship student. Currently during weekends and when I am on holiday,I volunteer for an NGO that takes care of orphans. I am currently at the University of Nairobi studying a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Psychology and Performing Arts in the regular programme.

Michelle Otieno

After my KCPE my family was relieved to learn that I got a scholarship to join Kianda. It was a great opportunity for me. The Kianda environment was very conducive for my personal development. At first I was so timid about interacting with people from very different social backgrounds and I wondered if I would ever fit in. But I must say through the talks and tutorials sessions given to us, I was able to fit in comfortably and to become shockingly confident and bold. Studying at Kianda School has made me know the value of hard work and integrity in all I do. I was also taught to have a balanced life where all aspects are developed.

I thank my tutor for journeying with me to bring out the best in me. Getting the chance to be in Kianda made me realize that my background situation does not define or dictate who I am; it has helped me rise above the bar. I am currently in Strathmore University studying a Bachelor of Commerce benefiting from the KIVA loan. I have gotten the chance to change my family’s history.


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