Faith Sintamei Tome, a teacher at the Oloornganayio Primary School in Narok, Kenya, recently completed our accelerated learning in the classroom. Through the training, Faith learned new skills and practices that improved her role as a teacher.

“The most important lessons I have learned from my students is that, by using tablets they are more interested in learning. There are pictures and maps which help learners to understand better. Students enjoy class the most when I give them assignments and leave them to research on their own from the tablets.”

This involves intensive teacher training, to equip them with the skills needed to educate the youth in East Africa. The program provides digital resources to students allowing them to develop their skills.  A key focus of the program is digital literacy where teachers learn how to use digital tools to support their needs.

Asante Africa Foundation continues to support the progression of literacy and skill development through our programs. “The importance of Asante Africa is that they help to overcome some of the challenges the students and teachers go through.”


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