Alumnipad’s features are designed to meet your unique needs

Contacts Management

Get a unified view of every interaction with your members, supporters, and other constituents

  • Manage & grow all your contacts within the platform. Categorize your contacts into groups such as alumni, students, parents, and donors.
  • Let your contacts work for you. Contacts can recruit others based on their phone contacts, geographical location or year-groups.
  • Verify addresses at the point of entry or through batch address cleansing


      Membership & Group Management

      Boost member engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

      • We offer a comprehensive membership management solution that spans from recruitment, engagement & retention
      • Manage individual or group memberships and membership fees for multi-tiered, variable duration, and other complicated membership models
      • Allow members to join or renew memberships online, manage their own profiles, and view purchase history
      • Send automated, personalized email reminders about deadlines or scheduled payments
      • Manage chapter membership and track committee participation


        Communications & Engagement

        Easily measure, track, and improve engagement with your members, donors and constituents.

        • Easily send messages to your entire contact database via email or even text message for urgent communications.
        • Send targeted messages to a segment of your contacts based on various criteria such as only those that graduated in a particular year, are attending an event, have donated to a cause
        • Enable your members to join and interact within groups and forums such as class groups, regional chapters and mentorship forums


        Event Management

        Make organizing your events a joyful experience through flawless planning, logistics and communication.

        • Invite all your contacts or only some based-on criteria such as graduation year, profession, and location
        • Contacts subscribed to event notifications can receive email or text invitation
        • Allow your contacts to RSVP to events
        • Raise money from tickets that can be purchased by attendees
        • Remind attendees when event date approaches
        • Track event attendance to see your most engaged alumni


        Payments & Donations

        Improve donor communication, engagement, and giving levels.

        • Use our donations module to run fundraising campaigns, set targets for donation causes, and track donations
        • Allow donors to pay online via mobile money or card, and automatically acknowledge donations
        • We have integrated with various payment providers to ensure your donors can pay with whichever means is most convenient for them.
        • Track and measure appeal, campaign, or fund performance


          Reporting & Analytics

          Achieve continuous performance improvement through real-time tracking of KPIs.

          • Get insight and visibility into the progress of your alumni engagement activities and get to understand your alumni better.
          • Track various statistics such as monthly growth of contact database and registrations; most engaged alumni based on event attendance, donations and correspondence; most engaged alumni groups filtered by criteria such as graduation year and profession; monthly growth of donations; event attendance by various alumni groups
          • Access Powerful, flexible, self-service ad hoc reporting, dashboards and analytics


            Professional Secretariat Services

            We offer phone and email support to our clients to ensure they reap maximum benefits from Alumnipad

            We also work hard to ensure your association runs smoothly. Our team is always available to offer additional services such as:

            • Recruitment and Onboarding of Association Members
            • Communication and Engagement with Association Members
            • Management and Tracking of Association and Membership Data
            • Website and social media management
            • Alumni Leadership Training and Programming
            • Alumni Engagement & Fundraising Services
            • Alumni-centered Professional Services
            • Alumni events and projects management