My Name is Mwazighe Micar a beneficiary of Fawe Kenya/AGSP Program.

I was born in a humble background in TaitaTaveta County. I was brought up smelling and seeing challenges right, left and center. Despite that, I was able to maneuver and achieve my dreams.


This is where I was born and this is the current status of my home.


I winded up class 8 in the year 2003 at Wumari Primary School scoring 343 Marks out of 500. I was position 2 in my school and I was selected to my school of choice Kenyatta High School in Mwatate. I managed to step in Kenyatta High School(Now a National School) in 2004 for only one term then dropped out of school due to lack of school fees. It pained me because the rest were progressing with their studies while I was out.

I decided to be a farmer and a cook at the same time. I used to wake up in the morning prepare snacks then walk from house to house selling snacks. Thereafter, I will pick up my jembe and go farming. I used to sell cabbages, onions, sales, tomatoes and other vegetables which I planted and looked after. I did so to avoid becoming idle and engaging myself in activities that are not helpful.I used to do all kinds of jobs at that time bearing in mind I was below 18 years.

I did farming and preparing snacks for two years. I used to do some little saving with the intention of going back to school only to use the money in buying food due to the situation at home. My dad has been a peasant farmer and doing some small business of buying and selling fish. In the year 2004 my mum was diagnosed with high blood pressure, my dad became stressed, the whole family we were confused and in 2009 she passed away. This is because we dint have any means to have her proper medical examination. My mum was a go getter, she was a mother who the moment she gets better she will either go farmimg or go and fetch some firewood, sell and buy food. May her Soul rest in Peace. On the right, is Me in the year 2004 with my siblings. Right now they are in Form 3 and Form 1 Respectively. Both in different boarding schools and I support them.

In the year 2006 I was employed as a shopkeeper in Mombasa. I did the work in 2006 and part of 2007. I managed to do some savings within that duration starting with a salary of Kshs 1,300 and ending up with a salary of kshs 1,800.  In May 2007 I travelled to Nairobi, looked for a School,Paid form 1 school fees,borrowed school uniforms and joined Form 1 at Ruthimitu School Secondary in Dagoretti Area in Nairobi.

I joined Form 1 with my torn borrowed school uniforms. I started dissecting books with pain sleeping for only 4 -5 hours every night. My performance in school was extremply good as I was landing within position 1 to position 5. One day my class teacher approached me and asked me why am in form one but with torn clothes. I shared my story with her and she shared with some of my teachers too.

In the year 2008 things got tough, I was sent back home for school fees. I went back home for almost a month because of school fees. I was back home medidating whether to go back to Mombasa and work save money then come back and finish my studies or go back home do some farming sell vegetables then some back and finish. This was the the moment when Fawe Kenya /AGSP Program came to my rescue.

When I went back to school I was informed by my classmates that some of my teachers were looking for me. I looked for the teachers and they told me that they received some scholarship forms and that they have been holding the forms so that I fill together with the rest of the boys. These were Fawe Kenya / AGSP Program Scholarship Forms. We went as a group together with other boys in the school and filled the forms at the School Laboratory. I received my form prayed and filled it. When I was done I prayed and submitted it. I kept on praying all thorough so that I get selected. Around May-June 2008 feedback came and I was among the few who were selected. I thanked God and continued working Hard. In June 2008 we travelled to Ololaiser High School in Kajiado County to receive our Scholarship Certificate as the program was being launched.

On the left is my Scholarship Certificate. I treasure It.

Thereafter, the program started paying my school fees, buying school uniforms, books e.t.c. I was never sent home because the school knew am fully sponsored. I saw FAWE Kenya as heavenly sent in my time of need. I worked extremely hard and managed to Score grade C+ in my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

In 2011 I decided to relax a bit since I had sleepless nights for four good years. I got a well wisher who sponsored me to do computer studies. The same well wisher due to my impressive performance told me to think of a course at the university so that I advance my knowledge. Law was on my lips and there we go I joined Mount Kenya University for Bachelor of Law Degree.

In the year 2014, I was exposed by the Law School to Mombasa Law Courts so that I learnt how courts operate.

In the year 2016 I finished my Law degree and graduated with Bachelor of Law Second Class Upper Division.

The Journey continued and in 2017 I enrolled for Advocates Training Program at Kenya School of Law which runs for 18 Months. This is because I wanted to practice law. I buried my head on books in 2017 and at the end of the year I managed to pass the 9 stressful papers. Out of 1991 law students who sat for the exam only 445 students managed to pass all the 9 papers and I was among them.

This year from February, I have been under instruction of a Law firm. This is still part of the studies as indicated earlier that studies at Kenya School of Law is 18 Months. The first 12 months I attended classes and 6 months one is supposed to do pupilagei.e kind of internship. I have been working with Letangule &CompanyAdvocates from February and I will be winding up my pupilage end of August. This is the period where law students are being exposed to the real practice of law.

After winding up my pupilage I will petition the Chief Justice for the Admission to the bar so that I become an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. This will be happening in the course of this year. Be part of my success.

I would like to thank Fawe Kenya for their support. You can see my journey has been tough but thorough hard work and determination I made it. Fawe Kenya changed my life and I am proud of it. Looking forward to be a donor soon so that we can continue changing lives as a family. May God bless Fawe Family, Long Live Fawe Family.

Last but perhaps most important remember life is full of challenges, but these challenges are only given to you because God knows your faith is strong enough to get you through them and when you face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to destroy you but sent to promote you, increase and strengthen you.