Alumni organizations are always focused on doing everything they can to attract and retain new members. Getting these memberships is crucial because a) more people means more engagement and more successful events and initiatives and b) membership funds are a great way to bring in sustained support for the organization, so new memberships can mean new sources of revenue.

Many alumni organizations establish membership tiers, where higher-paying members receive additional perks as a way to thank and reward them for their contributions. But how do you know if the tiers you’ve set are appropriate?

Here are a few tips for setting the right membership tiers for your alumni.

  • Make sure membership is accessible: You should never make membership unaffordable to anyone who wants to join. You could, for example, offer free membership for a limited period of time for new members, or for alumni within their first several years after graduation. Paid membership tiers on the lower end of the spectrum should be reasonably affordable for people who may not be able to or want to pay for higher levels of membership.
  • Don’t underestimate large donors: On the other end of the spectrum, it’s important to remember that large donors may be willing to pay more than you think. Even if your top tier or two only get a few members, it might be worth it if the value is high enough.
  • Offer a steady progression of tiers: Don’t jump straight from a $10 membership to a $100 membership, for example. You should set a number of steadily progressing membership tiers so people can choose the option that makes the most sense for their financial situation.
  • Make it worthwhile: Remember that increasing levels of membership should have increasing value in return. Consider the kinds of swag you can give out that will sweeten the deal, as well as exclusive perks and events. You might be able to work with the school district to find tickets to school events as well.

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